August 29, 2022

We love PPT and you should too

We’ve sat in the audience staring at poorly designed slides and we’ve experienced the pitfalls of every plan, idea and document in business being turned into a slide deck. While frustrating and at times painful, that’s just one side of the PowerPoint (or PPT as fans call it) story.

The truth is we love PPT and we aren’t afraid to show it.

From 80s fashion trends to sitcom reunions, everything old is new again and PPT is no exception. Launched in 1987, the software has been a mainstay on the corporate landscape for decades. But that doesn’t mean its capabilities are stuck in the past.  

PPT’s extensive and constantly evolving feature set is one of the biggest reasons we’ve fallen back in love with it. We design a lot of presentation templates for hedge funds, private equity, and other asset management firms and our team is still discovering new capabilities. Whether its image filters or slide master features, the design and graphic capabilities have come a long way in the last decade. PPT is no longer just for putting bullets on a page.

Not convinced?  Here are a few of our favorite capabilities in PPT.

Intuitive image editing: From adding texture to a graphic to using filters to make diverse pictures look the same, PPT has powerful yet intuitive image editing capabilities.

Data Integration: It’s simple to link data from Excel into charts or graphics. Once that link is made, when you update the data in Excel, your slide is automatically updated.

Dual Purpose: Everything you produce is dual purpose and ready for screen or print. No fancy adjustments or conversions needed.

Our love for PPT has grown over time and now it’s one of our favorite tools. Our suggestion? Give the software a second glance and you might fall in love with it again too.

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