May 8, 2023

Advancing our Web Accessibility Efforts

Ensuring that the web remains accessible to all is the responsibility of everyone who creates content – asset management firms included.  With legislative changes, evolving best practices and technology advances, keeping up with accessibility can feel overwhelming, especially for firms that haven’t updated their website recently.

As part of our commitment to help firms address website accessibility as an integral part of the design process, we’ve partnered with accessiBe, the industry’s leading web accessibility compliance solution. accessiBe provides an AI-powered widget for your website. It is small and unobtrusive, but delivers powerful capabilities for visitors to your site and ensures your website is compliant with current regulatory requirements.

The widget lets people customize the look and performance of your site to meet their accessibility needs. There are a variety of options to select such as the ADHD profile which minimizes distractions to help users focus on your content. The widget also has 16 different operating languages making it a great choice for firms with an international presence.

We are big fans of how accessiBe makes the web a more accessible and inclusive place for all. It is easy for people to use, and from a technology perspective is straight forward to set up. In fact, you can see it in action on our website right now. accessiBe is a powerful choice for firms of all sizes regardless of the date of your last website update and we are excited to be able to offer it to new and existing clients.

We’ve been talking a lot about website accessibility recently. You can read our perspective on the business benefits of accessibility along with a few tips to help you assess your firm’s website.

We are thrilled to welcome accessiBe to our growing community of partners and look forward to helping our clients make their part of the web more inclusive and accessible to all. If you have questions about your website’s accessibility compliance reach let us know.

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