November 3, 2022

How Brand Differentiation Can Attract New Clients

When it comes to attracting new clients, numbers play a small part in the big picture. While that may sound counterintuitive, consider that everyone in this industry can put up numbers. They are in many ways the bare minimum needed to be a viable option. We believe the key to attracting new prospects and clients lies in your ability to differentiate your brand.

There are a lot of firms and consultants vying for attention today. Attracting new clients in this crowded field involves two broad steps – getting noticed and telling your unique story. While both steps are essential, they are also intertwined. The better you differentiate your story, the easier it is to get noticed.

The key to differentiating your brand lies in a simple question – what makes your firm unique?

Answering this question clearly and completely and carrying those ideas through everything you do is how you build a differentiated brand. For example, if ESG is core to your strategy, make sure you talk about why it matters to the firm, how that reinforces your mission/vision and what it means for the future of your firm.

Unsure of the answer? That’s okay, telling your firm’s story is tough to do right. Here are a few additional questions to get you thinking:

  • How is your approach unique?
  • What gives you unique insights into your strategy?
  • How has your experience shaped how you look at the companies you invest in?
  • What’s the human element of your strategy?

Now that you can articulate what makes your firm unique, it is time to get noticed. This is where your visual brand strategy comes into play. How do you reflect the answer to that question into your brand’s look and feel? Are the same shades of blue and grey coupled with images of cityscapes and bridges that are so common in our industry a true reflection of your message? Chances are the answer is no – and that’s a good thing!

One of the biggest mistakes we see in the industry is everyone trying to fit into the expected mold. You could have a truly differentiated story, but if your imagery, colors, and fonts blend in with the crowd, your message may not cut through the noise. Don’t be afraid of color. Be bold. Keep it professional, easy to consume, and avoid the expected.

The best advice we can give is to create a brand for your firm that reflects your strategy and story, not what everyone else is doing.

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