September 6, 2022

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Websites for Asset Management Firms

There are many factors to consider in asset management website design. A website must showcase the firm’s unique brand, perspective, people and offerings. It should be easy to navigate and clearly display data, be visually stunning and encourage visitors to stay on the site and get to know the firm in greater detail. However, to be competitive in today’s crowded marketplace there is another factor that can no longer be overlooked – how your site performs on mobile devices.

There are two global shifts driving the importance of mobile-friendly websites. First, smartphone adoption and usage are rising. Over 97% of adults in the US own a smartphone* and 83% globally.** And, people are using those devices on the web. According to Kinstra, 55% of all website traffic comes from smart phones and 2% from tablets. Second, our personal experiences on mobile devices are shaping and raising expectation for all business websites. The design, functionality and user experience we enjoy as consumers is now the standard we use for all online interactions.  

Shifts in behavior are just part of the story. There is also strong case for mobile optimization from a business and technology perspective. Consider:

  • Awareness: A mobile-friendly website will make your brand more visible to mobile users, which can help capture awareness and market share.
  • SEO: Most search engines now consider the mobile experience in search results ranking.
  • Conversions: Mobile users are more likely to convert than desktop users. Having a mobile-friendly site can be a great way to increase conversion rates across your digital channels.
  • Accessibility: Having a properly optimized mobile website will ensure that your site is accessible to all users and meets ADA standards.

There’s more to mobile site design that just making sure your content is readable. Do you know how your current website performs on mobile? A good place to start is running a mobile usability test on your site – try this free service from Google. If your results aren’t great or you are overwhelmed with where to begin, have a conversation with your creative services agency.

With expectations and traffic soaring, and brand awareness and reputation on the line, it’s time to make mobile a top priority for asset management web design. Hedge funds, Mutual Fund Managers, and other asset management firms must be ready to wow prospects and clients on their commute to work, from the couch at home or sitting at their desk in the office.


* Pew Research

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