December 7, 2022

Six Signs You Should Call a Design Professional

Whether you are launching a new fund or celebrating the 10th anniversary of your firm, it can be challenging to know when to engage creative partners.

The key for any firm is to engage with creative professionals when strategic design advice can set you up for growth and improve your image versus saving you from bad design choices that negatively impact your reputation and professionalism.  But how do you know where that sweet spot is?

Over the years we have identified a few triggers that typically make our phone ring. Here are six signs you should reach out to a creative services agency.

  1. Things look a little messy/stale/plain/boring: If your logo or the graphics on your website, or your pitchbook look a little off, it’s likely time to give the professionals a call. Of all the triggers, this one is the hardest to define, because it is more of a gut feeling than a moment in time. If your look at your content and aren’t excited or don’t feel that it accurately reflects your brand, then trust your gut, it’s probably time for an update.
  2. It’s been a while: If all you’ve done for the few years is update staff changes and copyright information on your website, it's time to call a creative services agency. Every 5 years it’s worth fully evaluating your visual identity including logo, website design and performance, presentation templates, and other marketing materials.
  3. Things are getting unmanageable: Constantly editing your content templates to fit in new information? Tired of using that same stock image repeatedly in your collateral? Whether it’s a pitchbook template or a sales presentation, too many edits and/or not enough variety are sure signs you need design help.
  4. You’re experiencing rapid or significant growth, or raising new funds: When starting, some funds can make it work with a simple presentation deck, logo, and website. Once you hit an AUM of $500 m - $1B, it is time to engage professional designers. Another key trigger is the launch of a new fund or strategy or the start of fundraising efforts. 
  5. You’re blending in with the crowd: If what makes your firm unique isn’t immediately apparent on your website or in your collateral it’s time to connect with design professionals. Today’s hyper-competitive marketplace means you can’t afford to blend in.
  6. Your website performance is poor: Ideally, you want to engage before your website stops working, but if your website performance plummets or is no longer mobile-optimized, it’s time to call a creative services agency. It only takes a few seconds to make a bad digital impression.
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